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For those starting off in a career in journalism including what makes news, how to write a story, interviewing tips, and fact-checking.

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Referencing, attribution and plagiarism

Plagiarism is rife. Many journalists just copy and paste. There are tools - many of them free - which help content producers check whether content has been used without permission.
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Tips for journalists attending job interviews

An interview for a job in the media is often the culmination of weeks of hard work searching for opportunities, filling out application forms and waiting. So it's important to make the best impression on the day.
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What it takes to be a journalist

Hard work and self-discipline are at the heart of good journalism. Journalists should be accurate, first with news, trusted, easy to understand, straight, aware, disciplined and realistic.
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20 interviewing tips for journalists

A journalist needs to be well-prepared when planning an interview. However, after all your research, try to keep the interview to three questions in order to avoid over-complication and confusion.
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10 tips for spotting a news story

What are the telltale signs that distinguish fact from fiction? How do you know when you are on the right track? The following are some tips for helping you ensure that you spot real news stories.
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What editors look for when hiring journalists

What's the best preparation for a career in journalism? Media Helping Media asked some experts in the field what they are looking for when hiring staff.
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10 tips for reporting conflict and abuse

What to avoid when reporting conflict and abuse Reporting conflict and abuse is complex. Often the facts are not revealed in a way that offers the level of understanding the situation demands. The journalist needs...
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12 tips for producing strong news stories

Good stories about any topic generally have some things in common. Here are 12 points to keep in mind when you are planning, researching and producing a news story.
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For journalists, clarity is as important as accuracy

These are a few thoughts (some of them taken from The Economist’s style guide and those of other respected newspapers) for journalists writing and editing copy in English.
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Keeping the sub happy: tips for print journalists

A sub-editor is happiest when given copy that reads well and needs little rewriting. A writer or reporter is happiest when their copy is printed with the fewest changes to their original.